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A well written and sorely needed commentary, on the state of the intelligent, hairless, modern monkeys of today.

I've often echoed your observations on the myopic contemporary man, as well as his forbearers, where history is concerned. I think the commoners of old, lived through repeated cycles of tyranny and oppression, as is the case today - never understanding the answer to and possible salvation from their plights, lay in the recent past.

To be sure, the echoing shouts of "never again" ring hollow and smack of foolish ignorance, after the pharmacological soft genocide of the past 3+ years. And now the re-institution of pogroms against the Jews, proves (to me at least) that we lack the ability to heed the past - on societal levels. It is especially irritating to hear the calls for Nuremburg 2.0, when don't even posses a dram of capacity, to understand and use the lessons provided by Nuremburg 1.0.

I interpreted the last third of your writing, to imply the following:

When man, becomes his own god - he is doomed to loose his moral, mental and emotional bearings in the raging sea, that is life.

For me, this is repeatedly proven out daily, in todays world and can easily be seen in the tyrants and depots of the past.

No matter what your god's name or how you define that undefinable power/presence - it is important, that you know you are smaller than it. When man is the pinnacle, he becomes untethered and unrestrained. As many have said in the past "absolute power corrupts, absolutely".

Thank you for the excellent writing and intellect. I look forward to sifting through your other work.

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