Seems like we need to rebuild Chesterton fences everywhere we turn now.

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My original comment, probably would have had cops at my door...so I will try again.

This vile perversion is what we are fighting folks. These scumbags and their ilk are roaming the halls of our government (all sectors), running/teaching in our schools and daycare services, and in our churches, etc.

This is the result of allowing the erosion and intentional dismantling of the norms, morals and values of a culture and society.

There is a reason your kids are targeted. It's to reset the stops, as early as possible.

The little girl in the picture, happily interacting with the scumbag MF'ers, that are panting at the thought of raping and sodomizing her - is now primed to see this debauched and reprehensible perversion, as "fun & normal".

This will be the norm going forward, if we don't pull our heads out and get serious about this decades long push to mainstream pedophilia. I've said that the Trans-movement and pedophilia are sibling, with the same ideological parents - and that keeps being proven correct, by the day.

This is what happens when the left uses tolerance and inclusion as a cudgel, against those who once held unwavering moral and ethical standards, not only for themselves, but the communities and societies they live in.

Great post, I hope it enrages people enough, to actually take some action and doesn't just fall on deaf and cowardice ears.

In the end, the children always pay the price for the inaction of the adults.

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I appreciate your mention of Chesterton's Fence!

This is such a gross example of more postmodern deconstructionist stupidity. Putting the emphasis of the debate on IF and how trauma ensues from such atrocious acts against children and animals in the "absence of violence" is quite the devilish trick - convince onlookers that there's nothing to see here! There's variations in the outcomes of sexual abuse against kids and animals, so we are free to question - and even absolve and celebrate! - the morality of the abuser, donchaknow?! The fact that parents and psychologically normal pet owners feel an immense imperative to protect their loved ones from sex with predators is just an indication of the limitations they put on themselves intellectually...

Give me a break.

Sex with children and the abuse of animals - yes, even those we eat - is so obviously an abhorrent act of violence, it's painful - painful! - to realize that articles such as yours are even necessary to write at all.

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There is no morality in seeing anything or anyone as a sex toy. Morality springs from a sense of Truth and Justice, in what is good and right to do, and not from what is merely overlooked as aberration or outlet of otherwise negative energy.

Human biological Truth - is that sex is the conduit for propagation of the species. Sex with Other than the species does not lead to propagation. Maybe it is a release valve, a hedge against overpopulation, but if you adhere to a belief in the sentience of other beings, you cannot impose your sexual mores (or lack thereof) onto beings incapable of your same logic.

Singer is a Colonizer of Animal Kingdoms. If they can serve his needs or the needs of his followers, so be it. Man is a rationalizing animal before he is anything else.

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