Aug 30, 2020 • 57M

Episode 7: The Quotients of Intelligence

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Kenaz Filan
History, Politics, Religion, Philosophy, and Culture while the barbarians gather outside the gates. The fires will be coming soon. Violins not provided.
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Welcome to the seventh episode of Notes From The End of Time: The Quotients of Intelligence Today children around the world are ranked and measured by standardized intelligence tests: their data is weighed, sifted and measured by innumerable algorithms and parceled out into neat charts and reports. Yet over and over the computers keep repeating blasphemy: some groups score lower than others? How do we address this problem? How do we solve this problem? And what preconceptions and misconceptions lead us to conclude this is a problem? Kenaz Filan, “The Quotients of Intelligence” E-mail: Website: Podcast: Gab: Telegram: @KenazFilan --- Send in a voice message: